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Romantic Comedy
Director attached: Megan Simpson Huberman

A cat burglar breaks into an abandoned mansion and finds a 1920’s flapper who was put into suspended animation by her scientist father at the time of the Wall Street Crash, in the hope that compound interest would make her wealthy when she wakes in the 21st century. The burglar wakes her with a kiss and she enlists him to help her in her quest to retrieve her fortune from her crooked family lawyers who have while she's been sleeping, stolen the entire estate. One problem: the burglar and the flapper are made for each other but he's due to be married to a dominating heiress in a few days.
Screenplay available


Gothic supernatural

Drunk after dinner, a brutal, family-abusing Barossa Valley winegrower sacrifices to Dionysus, ancient Greek god of wine, moist things and rebirth. It was meant as a joke, but you should be careful whom you pray to. The god answers the call, rises to life and chaos and murder ensue.
Screenplay available


Science Fiction private eye action thriller

A shape-changing alien scout-ship pilot, a combatant in a Galactic war, crashes to earth and finds that his survival depends on his becoming a private eye. But he’s now being hunted. A secret government department has become aware of his presence on Earth and wants him for research. His Galactic enemies have agents on Earth who want to kill him. And a reporter from a sleazoid tabloid wants his story.
Screenplay currently in development.


Outrageous Comedy

The Gall Food Corporation has developed the Greenbar, a perfectly-balanced food source whose manufacture involves recycling waste products, thus cleansing the Earth while creating a nutritious snack. There’s only one small problem: the Greenbar is highly addictive and creates psychotic episodes in 1% of the population. As the addiction figures rise and psychotic episodes increase only feisty Gloria and nerdy Harold can save the world.
Screenplay available



Howard Moore may just be the rudest, crudest, most self-centered man in the universe and it is these contemporary virtues which previously made him rich. But his world has collapsed around him and he has just gone down the slot owing $1.3 billion. So Howard gets on a plane heading for Geneva and his Swiss bank account in order to empty it and find a nice warm country with no pesky extradition treaties. The mother of all storms causes his plane to be diverted to Paris. Knowing no French and behaving like a pig, he begins to fall through the levels of civilization, losing money, wallet, passport and most of his clothes in the process. Accidentally killing two gangsters he is now being hunted by both the Mafia and the Corsican Brotherhood and his salvation rests with two working girls, one of them a transvestite former pro basketball player, their pimp, and a Haitian taxi driver.
Screenplay available


Vigilante revenge thriller

A teenage boy and girl from the rotting heart of a big city are deeply in love. It’s Romeo and Juliet. Then a paedophile ring catering to wealthy perverts kidnaps the girl and spirits her away. That was their first mistake. The boy is now coming after them to get his girl back. And he will destroy them.
Screenplay available