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1 Hour episodic police series

A lateral-thinking Police Commissioner conceives a plan to team experienced detectives with a group of Forensic Science students led by a former policewoman turned academic, the purpose of the experiment being for the mismatched team to investigate unsafe convictions and cold cases.
Concept document available
(Copyright © 2013 Adrienne Ryan/Brash Aussie Productions Pty Ltd (aka Sean Nash)/Morphett and Hunter Pty Ltd)


1 Hour episodic medical series

A young woman doctor takes over a defunct medical practice in The Rocks, a 19th century harbourside village in the heart of downtown Sydney. Her clientele is extremely varied – workers in the nearby office towers, city apartment block dwellers, prostitutes working out of the same apartment blocks, tourists from cruise ships, wharfies, merchant seamen, drunks from the pubs, Housing Commission tenants from The Rocks. Her surgery is situated in a 19th century terrace house which she shares with an old retired chorus girl, a gay Customs officer and the ghost of a doctor who died because he refused to abandon his patients during the bubonic plague epidemic which hit Sydney in 1900.
Detailed concept document available


1 Hour episodic police series

A series about the work of the Australian Federal Police. The series has been co-created with Dani Rogers who worked with the AFP in Airport Anti-Terrorism, then as a “dog” doing surveillance work and finally in VIP Close Protection.
Available is a concept document including a treatment for a 6-hour establishing miniseries
(Copyright © 2013 Dani Rogers/Morphett and Hunter Pty Ltd)


1 Hour episodic

A workplace romance is exciting, inevitable, actionable, a breach of company policy, emotional dynamite, crossing the line, finding Ms Wrong or Mr Right. It can stem from instant attraction, an abuse of a power relationship, ambition, a daily meeting in the elevator, revenge, working late, a Christmas party, or a strategically placed water cooler. It can lead to tears before bedtime, the love of a lifetime, stalking, adultery, a hot affair, conflict of interest, sexual harassment, marriage, mortgage, kids, promotion, the sack, voluntary transfer, living happily ever after or murder. Nice Work is an occasionally dark romantic comedy about the varieties of love in the workplace as explored by our central character, Hannah Rosen. The series will look at the subject on several levels: there is Hannah’s work as a PhD student whose thesis is concerned with workplace romance; and there is Hannah’s private life in which she attempts to find love while balancing the freedoms our society offers her with the simultaneous attractions and restraints of her very traditional family.
Concept document available


1 Hour episodic family drama

Explores the dilemmas males face in changing times, told through the eyes of 17-year-old Jack Fletcher, youngest child in a his-hers-and-ours blended family who live in Sydney’s western suburbs. Jack’s looking for a role model. Is it his father, a very traditional Aussie bloke, a police prosecutor and Vietnam veteran now facing redundancy? Or one of his half-brothers, one a widowed copper raising a child on his own, one a sensitive new age commitment-phobic teacher, one a drinking, womanizing construction worker busily over-compensating for the fact that his father, Jack’s mother’s ex husband, belatedly discovered that he was gay? Jack is facing life but has the uneasy feeling that, as the HSC looms, life is also facing him.
Series concept , pilot screenplay and 13 storylines available


1 Hour episodic supernatural

There are old houses where the walls of Time itself grow thin. This old house has a dark history. It is like a battery, charged with the lives of those who once dwelt here. The dead people who lived here long ago become restless from time to time, forget they are dead, and come to visit. And the living people who share the house find themselves interacting with its sometimes happy, sometimes tragic, sometimes terrifying past. The house was built in the 1860’s by a man with terrible secrets in his past, secrets which he committed murder in order to keep hidden. But once the murdering was done, respectability arrived. His children entered the professions, and possession of the house passed down the family until today it is owned by the current family matriarch who lives there with her daughter and grandchildren. Three flats on the top floor are rented, one to Morag Jones, whose real surname is not Jones at all, a woman with a mysterious past, dangerous gifts and a secret agenda to discover her origins.
Concept document available


1 Hour episodic

Country vet series with romantic comedy elements. Josh and Sorrel were lovers at University but then went their separate ways: Josh back to take over the family veterinary practice in Girvan, a seaside country town in transition and Sorrel to work in Third World countries with the animal aid organization Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (Vets Without Borders). If Josh were an animal he’d be a border collie, sage, faithful, born to work hard. Sorrel would be a greyhound, clean of limb, keen of eye, intelligent, warm and eager for the chase. Sorrel returns from working in Africa to attend Josh’s impending wedding to Lia Politis, a local dentist who surprised her large Greek family by coming back from university with a professional qualification rather than a professionally qualified husband. Sweet, smart, sexy and with hidden strengths, Lia is pure feline, a sleek oriental, she can be loving and captious by turns. The wedding is postponed and Josh and Sorrel realise that their Uni love affair was more serious than they’ve always thought. Meanwhile Kirk McTeer, manager of the local Safari Park (think uncut male Abyssinian cat, beautiful, affectionate, but prone to wander) takes one look at Sorrel and decides that she’s his kind of woman, possibly the one he could share life’s long safari with. Each hour has several animal stories plus strands of the romantic complications.
Concept document available
Co-created with Jimmy Thomson, copyright © 2013 Jimmy Thomson/Morphett and Hunter Pty Ltd.


1 Hour episodic

In days gone past, Larry Conrad was a copper, then worked for Immigration. Tired of deporting people, he switched sides and is now an Immigration Agent. In the telemovie pilot episode, he teams with Maria Antonelli, lawyer and registered Immigration Agent who has quit her job in disgust at yet again being passed over for promotion in favour of a younger man. In their first case together they sort out an immigration scam.
Feature length telemovie pilot screenplay available
Copyright © 2013 Zelda Rosenbaum/Oscar Whitbread


26 x half hour children’s television series, aimed at middle and upper primary school age audience with a C classification.

Our story takes place in the year 2014 in Broome, Australia, and also in 1895 in the fictional Sultanate of Sabaka, situated on the Malay Peninsula. Our young heroines and heroes are transported between these times and places with the aid of the Magic Keris, a small gold replica of the legendary Great Keris of Sabaka, an ancient sword imbued by its maker with mystical powers.
The Magic Keris combines a fantasy adventure story set in the present and the past with 26 contemporary stand-alone stories about being a young teen just starting high school and learning to cope with a changing world.
Concept with 26 storylines available
Created by Bruce Best, Caroline Stanton, Stephen Measday and Tony Morphett. Copyright © 2013 Northway Productions Pty Ltd, 55 Tryon Road, Lindfield, NSW, Australia, 2070.